Thursday, February 17, 2011

Letter: How should I eat while doing Insanity?

Question: How should I eat while doing P90X or Insanity.  I've been following 40% Protein / 40% Carbs / 20% Fat and 1200 calories.  (I'm actually combining two emails I got today here)

Steve: That sounds like the right percentages.  I kind of think the fat is low and carbs are high - but for what Insanity recommends, that's on it.  I think many people who are doing P90X and Insanity are looking to lose weight (obviously) and thus under eating.  Since I nearly doubled my calories from what I was doing at the end of P90X the first round, I weigh slightly less and look much better.

I use the Anabolic Diet formula for calories - it's easy and quick.

Realistic Goal Bodyweight x12 for losing fat
Realistic Goal Bodyweight x15 for maintaining
Realistic Goal Bodyweight x18 for gaining muscle

As long as your food is super clean, don't worry about gaining while working out.  However, if you have a treat a day (for example, an ice cream sandwich at night if you can afford the calories) then this probably will be too high.  I never ever have treats Sunday-Friday, then Saturday I carb load, which includes sometimes a treat or two.  If your food is crazy clean, you can eat a lot more than you probably think you can!

When I say realistic goal bodyweight - what I mean is.... if you're currently 230 pounds and want to get to 115.... well, you'll get there - but that's not your realistic goal!  Think more like 190 or so, then shoot for that, when you accomplish that, move it to 150 etc.

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